Objective: a challenging position developing native iOS apps.



  • 6 years of full-time professional iOS development.
  • Over 25 years full SDLC experience.


Thorough knowledge of and experience with

  • iOS-SDK from 2.3-6.x, Xcode, Objective-C, IB, StoryBoard, SVN, git
  • iPhone 3, 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 6, 6Plus, iPad, iPad2, iPad3, iPad-mini
  • GeoLocation, GPS, Region Monitoring, Maps
  • WebKit, embedded javascript, HTML5, CSS
  • CoreData, Keyed Archival, cache design, cache sync
  • Remote Notifications, Passbook
  • Ad network integration: JumpTap, MediaLets, AppTap
  • Social Media integrations (FB, TW, OAuth, Email, FourSquare, etc.)
  • Third Party SDK integrations: TestFlightSDK, ASIHTTP, AFNetworking, SBJSON, Three20, Mustache, RaptureXML, Nimbus, many others.
  • Barcode scanning and rendering, both 2D and QR formats
  • App Store submission (certificates, profiles, deviceIDs, appIDs), public and enterprise; extensive use of TestFlightApp for Beta testing.
  • AddressBook integration, ImageLibrary
  • REST/SOA/Web Services, XML/JSON/parsing
  • Design of an iOS SDK
  • Exposure to PhoneGap, Titanium AppCellerator, Sencha Touch.
  • Extensive career background in OO-design, RDBMS/SQL, Java, J2EE, Eclipse, UML, C, Agile, TDD, Scrum; hiring, mentoring, managing (especially remote) and early-stage process development.
  • U.S. Citizen with current Public Trust Security Clearance


iOS Apps


Work History:

Geostellar, Inc. – Lead Mobile Developer 7/2013 – present

Built and currently enhancing and maintaining the SolarMojo app.  Solar Mojo allows anyone to immediately determine the feasibility of installing solar panels on any house in the US.   It uses JSON/AFNetworking, auth2 for FB and Twitter, geo-location, map kit, core-plot, integratation with third-party solar sites (e.g. PVOutput).


Beeonics, Inc. – Co-founder, Chief Mobile Architect 9/2010-6/2013

Built the first 25 iPhone prototypes and first two products; made substantial performance and usability improvements to the initial web services API; specified mobile design process, development process; wrote extensive requirements specifications; interviewed potential hires, trained and mentored new hires, did extensive design and code reviews for mobile, web, and server.


AINS, Inc – Principal Mobile Developer (part-time contractor) – 9/2010-5/2012

I developed a prototype iPad app for the Department of State/USAID, called The Visual Staff Finder.   This app connected to a back end web service via XML/SOAP, and securely displayed personnel data.  The app featured authentication/authorization, a drill-down org chart, local search, and geographic search and display.    This is an enterprise app, and is distributed internally.


AppTap, Inc.  – Contractor – 2012

I developed an embeddable iOS SDK that AppTap’s customers used to implement the context-relevant appFinder SDK in their own apps.
This is currently in production in the Washington Post app and Side-by-Side.


PointAbout, Inc. – Senior iOS developer –8/2009 – 9/2010

    As a contributing member of Consulting Services, I took iPhone, iPad, and Universal apps from concept to deployment in the App Store for a number of clients.  Specific work included downloading RSS/atom/XML/JSON feeds on multiple threads, parsing and displaying data in tabular, detailed, photo-gallery and video-gallery formats, design of underlying databases, (create, merge, delete, upgrade, refresh, cache) implementation of in-app-advertising (both static and dynamic), as well as in-app purchasing of discrete products and subscription products, and in-app analytics.  Completed many 3rd party API libraries (Medialets, Urban Airship, Omniture, Three20).  Further, I integrated GPS/geo-location awareness, photo capture, sharing via email, Facebook, Twitter and Digg.  I generated all meta-data for apps in iTunesConnect: certs, provisioning profiles, in-app-purchases, test data, test user accounts, etc.

I pushed the idea of code reuse and populating a sample project with re-usable components.   I did extensive code reviews for junior developers, and cleaned up many memory and coding problems and errors.  I used Instruments to find leaks and performance trouble spots, de-symbolicated crash logs for debugging.

I was also outspoken in driving the adoption of software engineering principles and best practices.

I mentored/trained two junior project managers and mentored many junior developers in coding/design best practices.


Intersect Software – Director of Software Development, Co-founder, Chief Architect. 1999 – 2009

With 5 others, bootstrapped the company.  Specified system architecture including DB design, API, client architectures, COTS/Open source strategy and tools.  Developed and continually refined the development process.

Managed the Strategic Architecture Team and the Tools development groups, was ultimately responsible for system scalability, testability, maintainability, portability and extensibility.

Hired and managed Client Development, Support, QA and Documentation teams.

Designed and wrote Java/SQL, including automated testing suites for desktop and web platforms, and numerous system features and usability improvements.  Consistently received high marks from customers on system usability.

Managed several offshore teams, and on-shore remote developers, worked remotely myself.

Built external web site in Html and CSS, including Flash, CSS, CMS, Salesforce.com integration and Marketo email marketing campaigns.

Twice recognized for outstanding support to the sales/marketing team, for web-site development, and for developing an on-line Partner Portal program.


Newbridge Networks – Principal Software Engineer.  1995-1999

Designed and implemented database, API, middleware and tools for online customer support system.  Bridged a relational database to Apache in 1995.

Built C/Solaris/Perl/CGI interface with Clarify, wrote security and integration modules for Apache (before these were generally available).

Managed a 5-person team building Java-based tools for Systems Engineers to do real-time discovery and analysis of complex LANs, including hubs, switches, ridges, bridges, routers, and multiple protocols.


Contracting engagements:

Bureau of National Affairs, Washington, DC – 1994

Intellectual content fulfillment and delivery system, using Sybase SQL Server/C.


University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA – Facilities Management system. SQL – 1994


Bell South Advanced Networks, Atlanta, GA – 1992–1994

Accounting and Billing system development using C/Solaris/Sybase SQL Server.

Designed and wrote a language compiler for manipulation and analysis of phone usage data.

Made extensive use of stored procedures and triggers to implement complex business rules on the server side.


IBM, Atlanta, GA – Educational Management System.  DB2-SQL – 1992


Bell Northern Research, Atlanta, GA – Part-ordering system, C/Oracle/SQL – 1992


Full-time positions:

Erdas, Inc, Atlanta, GA – Software Engineer – 1988-1992

Imposed engineering principles on a somewhat chaotic development group: version control, make system, development process controls, bug tracking.  This greatly reduced production problems.

Introduced file compression, saved $8000/year in floppy disk costs.

Built a language compiler for GIS processing and analysis, in Fortran.

Implemented the company’s first RDBMS, using Sybase SQL Server, both in-house and in products.


Gould Imaging and Graphics, San Jose, CA – Software Engineer  – 1984-1988

I designed and wrote database support infrastructure (in VAX Fortran and MUMPS) for a real-time digital imaging disk.

I wrote image pattern-matching software for a DNA/RNA analysis application, in RSX-Fortran.  Memory was so tight (32K) I had to store image meta-data in the upper 4 bits of a 16-bit graphics plane on the image processing hardware.


Massachusetts General Hospital Laboratory of Computer Science, Boston, MA – Application Programmer -1982-1984

I implemented Laboratory Result Reporting Systems for Chemistry, Bacteriology and Pediatric Micro-Chemistry Labs, in VAX MUMPS.


Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA – DNA Research Assistant – 1980-1982

Did the bench chemistry/biology investigating the relationship between gamma-ray dosage and double-strand breakage in cultured mammalian DNA.  Duties included cell culture, DNA harvesting, radio-labeling, sedimentation, spectrophotometric measurement, data analysis, graphing and presentation of results to principal investigators.

Implemented a data analysis and graphing package (in PDP-11 Fortran) because I wore out my calculator crunching the numbers by hand.



  • 1980 – Oberlin College, Oberlin, Ohio.

Bachelors in Psychobiology; Math through Advanced Calculus

I studied classical and jazz trombone at the Oberlin Conservatory.

  • 1980 – Internship at NIMH neurophysiology laboratory – protein study with gel electrophoresis.
  • 1980 – Oak Ridge Science Semester – Oak Ridge National Lab, TN

Published a study of computer-simulated energy consumption patterns of earth-sheltered vs. conventional houses in a peer-reviewed journal.


References: Professional and character references available upon request


Interests: wood-working, music, sculpting, writing, drawing, cooking